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Shimano Saragosa SW Reel

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Shimano Saragosa SW Reel
Shimano Saragosa SW Reel

The Saragosa family of reels is designed for durability and performance against tough saltwater species. With many of Shimano's flagship features, it represents a high quality, reliable reel at an upper mid-range price point. The Saragosa range is at home mounted on a surf rod, casting at high speed pelagics or plunging the depths for demersal species.

Featuring X-Ship encased in a hybrid aluminium and XT7 graphite body with an XGT7 rotor, the Saragosa SW delivers remarkable cranking power with less effort and a smoother feel. X-Shield and X-Protect keeps salt water out of key areas, while the Cross Carbon drag is also waterproof. In fact, it is capable of dialling up anywhere from 10 to 20 kilos of hurt on your quarry, depending on the reel model.

Size Drag Bearings Gear Ratio Retrieve per Crank Weight Line Capacity (mm/m) Line Capacity
5000 10kg 5+1 5.7:1 97cm 567g 0.30/230 PE2: 295m
6000 10kg 5+1 5.7:1 103cm 595g 0.30/270 PE3: 285m
8000 12kg 5+1 5.6:1 107cm 680g 0.37/275 PE4: 310m
10000 15kg 5+1 4.9:1 102cm 680g 0.41/300 PE5: 330m
20000 20kg 5+1 4.4:1 104cm 822g 0.52/350 PE10: 350m
25000 20kg 5+1 4.4:1 113cm 850g 0.52/400 PE10: 400m
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