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Penn Slammer III

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Penn Slammer III
Penn Slammer III Penn Slammer III

The Penn Slammer III arrived on the Australian angling scene in 2016 making some bold claims. Here was a spinning reel with a specification sheet rivalling the top of the range Japanese models and at a fraction of the price. Fast forward just 2 years and any doubts about the quality of the reels' gears, drag and waterproofing have been put to bed.

The Penn Slammer III holds the prestigious title of reel of choice aboard Nomad Sportfishing Adventures. The Nomad crew put the Penn Slammer III spinning reels to the ultimate test facing Giant Trevally and many other species in some of the nastiest environments in the world. 

In the words of Damon Olson from Nomad Sportfishing Adventures, "We need Gear that lasts primarly stuff that stands up to the task."


CNC Gear Tachnology Full Metal Body IPX6 Sealed Super Line Spool Line Capacity Rings
Braid Ready Instant Anti-reverse Techno Balance Dura Drag Level Line

Size Drag Bearing Gear Ratio Retrieve per Crank Weight

Braid Capacity


PE Capacity
3500 15kg 6+1 6.2:1 92cm 394g 220/20 PE 1.5/240m
4500 15kg 6+1 6.2:1 100cm 416g 250/30 PE 2/290m
5500 20kg 6+1 5.6:1 97cm 635g 335/40 PE 4/300m
6500 20kg 6+1 5.6:1 105cm 688g 335/50 PE 5/300m
6500H 20kg 6+1 6.2:1 121cm 700g 335/50 PE 5/300m
7500 25kg 6+1 4.7:1 95cm 827g 400/65 PE 6/340m
8500 25kg 6+1 4.7:1 105cm 873g 555/65 PE 8/400m
8500H 25kg 6+1 5.3:1 126cm 887g 760/65 PE 8/400m
9500 30kg 6+1 4.2:1 100cm 1159g 435/80 PE 8/490m
10500 30kg 6+1 4.2:1 108cm 1221g 540/80 PE 8/570m
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