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Shimano Ocea EX8 Braid

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Shimano Ocea EX8 Braid
Shimano Ocea EX8 Braid

Ocea EX8 Premium is a Japanese-made PE Line designed and manufactured to the highest specifications making it extremely strong for its diameter. The highest quality Dyneema fibres and Shimano's 8-strand cross-construction weave combine to produce a line that is incredibly smooth and sensitive making it a fantastic braid for all purposes. Colour change technology allows you to measure the distance of your casts or the depth of you are fishing.

Size Diameter Breaking Strain Length
PE 1 0.165mm 18.6lb 300m
PE 1.2 0.185mm 22.7lb 300m
PE 1.5 0.205mm 28.3lb 300m
PE 2 0.235mm 36.6lb 300m
PE 2.5 0.260mm 38.1lb 300m
PE 3 0.285mm 53.9lb 400m
PE 4 0.330mm 61.8lb 400m
PE 5 0.370mm 72.2lb 400m
PE 6 0.405mm 86.3lb 400m
PE 8 0.470mm 94.8lb 400m
PE 8 0.470mm 94.8lb 600m
PE 10 0.520mm 131.4lb 500m
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