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Explore our extensive range of fishing reels from one of the world’s most innovative fishing brands, Shimano Fishing Australia. Nothing typifies Shimano better than their Hagane technology. In the Hagane process, Shimano uses 200 tonnes of pressure to cold forge gears and other reel parts that are incredibly strong, light and long-lasting. Precision at an atomic level. It is with this attention to detail and commitment to improvement that Shimano has come to dominate the Australian fishing reel market.

With a comprehensive product range to choose from, like the Shimano Stradic reel, Stella reel, the Ultegra reel, the Saragosa and Tiagra reel, Shimano provides Australian anglers of all types and levels with outstanding fishing reels. Bluewater Tackle World is proud to supply Shimano reels due to their outstanding products and after sale support.

Discover our range of Shimano fishing reels at Bluewater Tackle World.
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  1. Shimano Calcutta B
    • sale

    Shimano Calcutta B
    RRP $429.00 Special Price $344.00
  2. Shimano Calcutta D
    • sale

    Shimano Calcutta D
    RRP $529.00 Special Price $424.00
  3. Shimano Trinidad
    • sale

    Shimano Trinidad
    RRP $789.00 Special Price $632.00
  4. Shimano Tyrnos 2 Speed
    • sale

    Shimano Tyrnos 2 Speed
    RRP $549.00 Special Price $440.00
  5. Shimano Tyrnos
    • sale

    Shimano Tyrnos
    RRP $389.00 Special Price $312.00
  6. Shimano Talica 2 Speed
    RRP $869.00 Special Price $696.00
  7. Shimano Torium
    Out of stock
  8. Shimano Talica
    • sale

    Shimano Talica
    RRP $749.00 Special Price $600.00
  9. Shimano Tiagra
    • sale

    Shimano Tiagra
    RRP $829.00 Special Price $664.00
  10. Shimano TLD 2 Speed
    • sale

    Shimano TLD 2 Speed
    RRP $419.00 Special Price $336.00
  11. Shimano TLD
    • sale

    Shimano TLD
    RRP $269.00 Special Price $216.00

Items 1-12 of 37

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