Snapper Release

The “Snapper Guardians” release that was held last Saturday was a huge success with a good chunk of the fishing community heading down to the water to help transport the baby snapper from the trucks into Cockburn Sound. After being postponed due to bad weather, the fish were released into water that was deemed appropriate for their survival.

Myaree staff member, Pete Berlinski and his family were among the hundreds that headed down to the water to give a helping hand.

“Great morning with the fam releasing some baby snapper into Cockburn sound.”

Recfishwest have released the following statement regarding the day:

Thanks to all who came down to support the Snapper Guardians release on Saturday morning. The release was a triumph and building on last year we estimated 800 people came down for the release. It was so great to see how involved the current and future generations of WA fishers are and how much they care for the fish.

50 000 snapper released this year on top of the 50 000 last year is a total of 100 000 snapper released back into the wild as the ongoing legacy for Snapper Guardians continues to grow.