Pumpkin for Pete

I’ve been chasing a decent blue lipper from my local for a couple of weeks, but I’ve been getting harassed by the local plague of juveniles.

This afternoon the cold grey weather had moved in stirring things up with plenty of white caps in the chop. Bream like their snapper cousins love a good scavenge in the wash zone as well.

So decided to rug up and get wet. A good storm wade gets the juices flowing and makes you feel alive.

I moved around a bit running and gunning, prospecting for a chunk of tannin stained bream gold. Still plenty of smaller nuggets were on the bite but as the sun went down I received a heavy knock to my pumpkin shad.

Line buzzed off with bursts of the stella’s drag singing away. Finally a bare knuckle rumble on the ultralight sprite, I was stoked with excitement. With a few close quarter shaves of nearby branches my black gold was finally beached.

The 4lb fluro leader was well chafed up and me being not in the mood to re-rig, I decided to call it a day and leave on a happy high ready for a hot shower.