Pete Bloods the Cape Cod

I got a chance to head out around Rotto last Sunday with my favourite top knotted angler Curtis.

I was super keen and frothing to blood my new slow pitch Cape Cod Special stick on some local demersals.

Conditions were pretty mint for jigging, but only a steady stream of undersize or less desirables got stung by the quadruple of pike hooks hanging of the Deepliner jig.

We called it a day just after noon and gunned it back to the ramp. Always a good day had when out fishing and I ended up with a couple of keepers for fillets including a new PB breaksea cod.
The new N.S rod was pure joy to pitch and was all I used all day. So can’t wait to play with
it again. My urge to jig not quenched, where to next?!