Fishing Report Friday 16 June 2017

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Fishing Report Friday 16th June 2017

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Between being flat out like lizards drinking this week getting ready for our EOFY Sale, some of our staff have managed some pretty epic fishing sessions. Furthermore, can you believe some of them have scored some weekend days off to get amongst it with the rest of the lucky fishos over the next couple of days? How good is the weather looking!

Staff member Laith and his brother Clayton managed a ‘middle of the day session’ on pinkies in shallow landing 9 and getting busted off by 4. It was not the plan at all, but when you drive over a school of fish showing on the sounder that you know are pinkies, it is obviously too much temptation. The moving tide they were fishing no doubt helped get the fish firing. Not one to let an opportunity go Laith was also fishing the night before. It was slow fishing but persistence resulted in a good breaksea cod for himself and a pinky for Shane who was deckying.

Clayton with one of many from the session

Laith’s breaksea and Shane’s pinky made up part of a respectable bag in the end

Reports suggest other anglers have been doing well on the pinks on the light change, both morning and evening, by pumping out a decent berley trail and throwing around plastics and floating baits down the trail. More often than not big skippy are hitting the plastics and these scrappy fighters can be loads of fun, especially when they are 50cm+. If you are around any inshore reefs at the moment it should not be long before a school of skippy is creating havoc behind the boat. Make sure you have a big outfit on standby as a live skippy sent back with a single circle hook is highly likely to be grabbed by an XXL sambo that has been following the school.

Bream in both the Swan and the Canning rivers have been firing with the big tides. As the water gets colder, the fish usually are less aggressive. It is often worth putting away the hardbodies and working a Zman Grubz slowly along the bottom. A lot of our staff will also squeeze on some S Factor to entice a bite.

Local beaches are starting to produce the larger tailor, AKA ‘greenbacks’, that are synonymous with our winters. A rising tide is best even if it means fishing later into morning. If you want to change it up however, then a trip to some of the beaches such as North Cottesloe or Leighton to catch a morning feed of herring will be worthwhile. Berley and pieces of coral prawn is all that is required. Just remember the bag limit is 12 as some mornings there are hundreds in the water.

Squid are about in good numbers all up and down the coast. To say we are enthusiastic about squidding is an understatement and staff member Pete Berlinski who competed in the Southern Squid Spectacular this week proves just that!

“What a whirlwind that was! An Albany stones squidding trip for a day, yep just for ONE day. 4 hours drive each way from Perth. Crazy you say, well yeah probably a bit. Especially as I was suffering from a throbbing migraine. But the temptation to feel that throbbing from a green eyed beast through the carbon was just too great.
It was the Southern Squid Spectacular and the lads and I were up for the challenge to compete for landbased mastery.
It was no walk in the park and we had to work hard. Jumping from smooth boulder to boulder and trying to keep balance, you’d have mistaken us for goats.
In the end it all paid off with my bro Z taking out 1st place, myself coming second and also walking away with the biggest landbased squid too. A chunky great southern calamari with a 39cm hood length, 1.610kg weight.
Yeah boi!

Well done Pete and Co.

If you are ever after any advice on squidding, pop into any of our stores and we will be happy to help. Why not do it this weekend when all the gear is included in our massive storewide sale!

A couple of colossal sized squid for Pete

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