Fishing Report Friday 09 June 2017

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Fishing Report Friday 9th June 2017

As we wait to see if metro waters will be affected by the enormous storm off South Africa it might be worth dusting off your land based snapper gear if you haven’t already. Anglers have already been getting into these fish for a few months now with some so large they look prehistoric. They truly are an epic land based target and things could just heat up even more in the coming week.

A Mindarie customer with a huge landbased pinky

The Narrows have been holding lots of bait that has been breaching the surface of late and creating lots of nervous water, which means the predators are there too. Good size tailor and even a salmon was taken there the past week. The thought of taming a mulloway, especially with the coming moon phase, will be crossing a lot of people’s minds. This would be a location worth considering, so would any other accessible locations further downstream right down to North Mole.

‘Big n chunky’ herring are readily available from shore so long as a bit of berley is involved in the hunt. Once scaled herring are relatively easy to fillet. If you need to rinse your fillets, do not use fresh water. Collect some saltwater from where you caught them, make an ice slurry, and use that instead. Dry the fillets on some paper towels and fry skin on (skin first) till cooked through, which will not take long. Herring are seriously tasty and we are lucky to have them on our doorstep.

Emily with a couple of good herring

Garfish have started to appear in reasonable numbers along with plenty of herring from Mindarie rock walls, Two Rocks and Quinns groin areas. Not only are they more than adequate for human consumption, but XXL tailor and northern speedsters such as Spaniards find them irresistibly delicious. For a feed or bait, they are worth targeting.

Recent reports are that a few salmon schools have showed up along beaches in Cockburn Sound and around Freo rock walls during the week. They have been sporadic, but a rewarding target. There are also reports that there are huge schools out wide still. Who knows if next week’s big front will give us all another solid crack at them by pushing some schools in close. If you are reading this Neptune, feel free to make this happen, it would be pretty cool.

Demersal fishing has been red hot. Forecasted north easterly winds might put a dampener on the bite but all is not lost, as every time this happens fishermen get lucky and blow everyone away with their catches. You can’t however be one of lucky ones without lines in the water. Otherwise, tackle prep, boat maintenance and a bit of TLC on your rods and reels could go a long way in your next fishy pursuit. It will make you a more efficient angler and will maximise your experience when you do get on the water.

Pelagics can be less affected by the drop in barometric pressure that usually accompanies northerly winds. If you have the chance to get out there, there are plenty of tuna around from inshore to out wide. Shark macs still being caught out around Rottnest amongst vast schools of bait and spearfisherman have also reported seeing a number of Spanish macs.

Other species which are less affected by the conditions involve the seriola family and the huge numbers of good size skippy just offshore. Anchoring up and berleying behind the reef all along metro has brought big sambos and kingies charging in and creating chaos and some spectacular catches.

Morley Customer Leigh with a nice kingfish

Customer Brody this week caught 8 good crays and 4 solid King George on Monday off Hillarys and other customers have also reported KGs and  big sand whiting that have been thick around the City Beach area with some as big as 40cm in depths of around 15m.

Morley Customer with a solid KG

How’s this landbased Mako? Angler was Mindarie cutomer Tyler. Estimated to be 2.2m long