Fishing Report Friday 02 June 2017

    Fishing Report

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Fishing Report Friday 2nd June 2017The 1st June marks the official start of winter. For many, having anything to do with water is over until summer. But not for a fisherman. Scores of us are gearing up for what already looks like a bumper snapper season ahead, tying up and filling our rig bags and prepping ourselves for some early morning starts and late night finishes out on the water. For the landbased fishos who will be fishing through the storms, hats off to you, and please be safe.
Staff member Trent with a brute.Others have already started getting into the squid as the average size rockets in our waters over winter. If you haven’t already, dust off your squid jigs, obviously pop in and buy some more as well and get out there because it’s a heap of fun and a great feed. If you’re on the boat and winding in a squid keep a look out because there can often be a school of squid following in their mate and wallah, one squid turns into three or four very quickly just by pitching another jig at them.

Yellowtail kingfish and a few large sambos are hanging around our metro reefs and the West end of Rottnest. Sunrise has been productive for casting medium to large stick baits as well as slow trolling live herring past bombies and breaking reef. Great fun on light gear, however, don’t underestimate the sheer power of these fish and as some fish have been landed to 15 kilos in recent days, we recommend using a good PE4 outfit at least to stop the bigger fish.

Reports of chopper tailor are coming through regularly from the Narrows with good schools feeding under the lights most evenings, making them a good target for some light top water fishing action. Around Bayswater there are some good bream being pulled in from the deeper snags and bridges with most big fish falling to baits.

In regards to deep dropping, individuals have been pulling great bags of ruby snapper and the likes, but it’s not only North that’s fishing well down deep. Metro anglers have also been making some news worthy catches with Bass Grouper up to 65kg+.

There is still some good crayfishing to be done for those who are keen. The fishing is good in close but there are good numbers of jumbos to be found out deep. Make sure you put your pots on the Eastern side of the reef if the swell is picking up.

Customer Kylie and a jumbo cray.

Salmon are very hit and miss this season with only a couple of loose schools showing up and most hanging offshore out of casting range. The only consistent reports are coming from the beaches at Swanbourne and the Floreat Drain with some of our good customers reporting as many as 30 fish in a session. Live herring are producing the good fish while metal slices and plugs are fooling the smaller fish. When the schools come inshore they are very timid and often needing live baits to get a hit. Luckily herring are abundant so getting a few livies is proving easy for when those salmon show up. The tailor are still a little quiet but some solid fish are being pulled in from the northern beaches. It won’t be long before a few big swells create some big holes and gutters along the beach creating some tailor hotspots.

There is still a good number of snapper being landed from the beaches and rock walls with the odd mulloway thrown in. Busselton has been having a great run with oversize, prehistoric looking, pink snapper with some fish reaching that magic meter mark in the bay and amazing land base captures of fish to 11kg. It’s an easily accessible fishery when the storms come through, you are in with a great chance of a trophy fish from the shore and rock walls of the Geographe region.

This is also the time of year droves of lucky fishos head North to experience some of the world class fishing our northern waters have to offer. Staff member Trent recently returned from a trip to Coral Bay with family and friends targeting bottom dwelling species in deep water. With great captures (for the girls) of Red emperor, goldband jobfish and rankin cod as well. The boys did manage a few good fish as well. They also had some amazing squid fishing with aggressive schools of tiger squid annihilating squid jigs and causing havoc with a once white boat. All up it was a great trip to an amazing destination.

Customer Jason and a good red emp.
Greg and Dave with a double on solid goldband.

This week our stores all saw a delivery of Meiho Versus. Made in Japan, this gear it top of the line. Staff members are going crazy and trying to snap it up before the customers but there is still some of everything left. The design and innovation by Meiho Versus has resulsteed in the ultimate tackle storage solutions.