Fishing Report 7th April 2017

    Fishing Report

What a season we’re having for land-based metro anglers!
It seems every second customer is coming into our stores beaming, with a grin from ear-to-ear, and a story about landing a snapper or two from the shore. For many anglers, it is their first capture of this type, which makes it even more special. They’re not small fish either, with some topping the 80cm mark. It just goes to show the great work the recreational fishing industry is doing in protecting and growing this fabulous fishery.If you don’t have a boat and you’ve always wanted to tangle with these hard-fighting, great-eating fish, now is the time. Customers, rightly, have remained tight-lipped about specific locations of their captures, but rock walls such as Woodman’s Point, The Moles and Hillarys are good starting points. If you prefer the feeling of sand under your feet, try Floreat Drain and Leighton. Snapper love an oily, smelly bait, so fillets of blue mackerel and mullet are ideal. Don’t be afraid to use a big bait with a pair of 6/0 Shinto Octopus snelled together.

If you want to get fancy, try wrapping a fillet of mullet (flesh-side out) around a mulie. Then use Black Magic Bait Buddy to hold it all together. Using this style of bait gives you the scent from the mulie and mullet flesh and durability provided by the thick mullet skin.

If you’re not sure whether your current set up is suitable for the job, bring it in to your closest Bluewater store and our experienced staff will give you all the help you need.

Staff member Jeremy had a cracker of a week and managed to get out two days in in a row. His report is as follows.

Monday 03/04/17
“Headed out from Hillarys marina with a mate, the plan was to fish a few spots in close before heading out wide to try our luck. First drop was an undersized dhufish and drop after drop was dhufish after dhufish until I caught a 75cm dhufish on a 7” Z-man coconut ice jerk shadz using a 2oz TT jighead. Ended up with a mixed bag of dhufish and snapper.”

Staff member Jeremy’s dhu

Tuesday 04/04/17
Headed out from north of Two Rocks with a couple of good mates, ended up finding a school of mulloway and bagged out quite early, with my brother (Jeffery) getting a nice Spaniard on metal jig using 40lb leader and no wire. Jig used was a Haoli Lamble bait 110g.

Staff member Jeremy and crew with their mulloway

Salmon are also on the mind of just about everyone.  Reports are coming in thick and fast of fish between the capes with huge schools swimming though every day. In metro waters there are a number of schools around with fish being caught around Freo, Rockingham and even Yanchep lagoon, as well as any inshore reefs also being worth a look. Who knows you might just catch a mammoth tailor or yellowtail king instead. This being said, the main schools are not yet here, but are not far off either and could come flooding into metro waters any day now.

Swan and Canning systems are starting to clear out now with good reports of solid bream coming from both. Fish are being caught on both lures and bait such as river prawns and bony herring. Mulloway also have been caught from E-shed through to the Narrows.

The squid are going off! The squid are flourishing in the shallows around the Cockburn Sound and Freo and even if they are not biting try mixing it up. Staff member Mike dropped his leader size to 4lb YGK fluorocarbon on Wednesday and tied on a jig with a purple base and caught and released 15 within the hour. Basically, if you are over any of the weed beds at the moment the squid will be there you just got to get them to take.

Lastly we simply had to share this pic of a mulloway good customer BK got a couple of weeks ago. Everything about it sums up why we all love fishing. Great capture mate!

BKs awesome fish!