Fishing Report 4/5/18

Fishing Report

Bluewater Tackle World
Friday 4/5/18If you’ve been following the Bluewater Fishing Report, you’d know about the absolutely red hot beach action that has been thrilling anglers all along the coast. Today marks 2 months of crazy shorebased fishing, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Again this week, we have seen an incredible number of mulloway and pinkies landed from the beach. Regular Mindarie customers Andrew and Brendan got stuck into some solid fish and although wouldn’t give up particular spots, did mention it was “very metro”.

Yet again our young apprentice Austin has been out on the sand in search for mulloway and has been well rewarded for his efforts. It seems more are being caught than ever before.

Further up the coast, particuarly around Yanchep and the lagoon, tailor have been going off! If you are after a bag of tailor it has been hard to miss them on dawn. For the angler that is spinning, there are definitely some bigger models cruising through and those big winter greenbacks are really starting to show up now. Want to break your pb? This winter season could be the one, and with the salmon still holding on the offshore reefs, it will be a lot easier to get a lure infront of a tailor’s face.

In the offshore world, demersals have been steady and consistent. Anglers are finding an ample feed seemingly wherever they go lately and not too many are struggling for a bag. Many anglers are having great success only a short distance from most ramps as of late, with some great sessions coming from dawn, and particuarly dusk. These late arvo sessions are producing mixed bags full of snapper and dhufish, along with the smaller reefies in between. Out much further on the FADs, mahi mahi have been playful and have proved keen to take a lure. Those who have been able to make it out there through the weather lately have had a blast mucking around with this acrobatic species. There are plenty of small football sized tuna buzzing around out there too, so if you are a fresh sashimi lover, look no further.

(Above: Staff member Tien with his first dhu)

Back through Fremantle and under the Traffic Bridge we enter the river where some great fish have been caught. The downstream Canning flats have been producing some good bream. Slow rolling hard bodies through the soft sand has proved to be a succesful method for some. The odd flathead has been popping up for anglers too, providing a welcome bycatch. If you want to mix it up, some decent prawns have been coming from the river of late, and if you are chasing the perfect feed there are always crabs around to add to the platter.

(Photo credit: Ashley Amozig)

Much further South in the bream scene, great customer Ryan spent the week exploring 7 different systems in search of bream, and by the looks their lengthy efforts were well rewarded. Ryan wrote, ‘Some of the old faithful systems were totally shut down and so choked with weed we couldn’t get a single cast in, so we decided to take a gamble and head out to an area that I am pretty sure has never seen a lure. Ended up finding some seriously awesome fishing in a few creeks that were literally no more than just snag filled puddles.”

(Above: Ryan with a cracker bream from his trip)

In the same region but on the saltwater side of things, some awesome fish have been coming from the stones yet again this week. Gido from Gido’s Land Based Fishing Adventures had a cracker 3 day fishing bender and landed some incredible species off the rocks. Check out his Facebook page to see action reguarly like this!

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