Fishing Report 30th June 2017

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Fishing Report Friday 30th June 2017

Feel like you missed out on some salmon action this year? Well it might not be too late! Staff member Rohan fished the middle of the day at the North Mole yesterday and saw small salmon schools coming past regularly on the incoming tide and a number of fish were landed. Other reports also suggest they were showing up at the usual land based haunts yesterday. It sounds like they are starting their run back south, so now is the time to get into a few.

Not all did well on the snapper this week, however Morley customer Tom took his cousin Jesse,who is relatively new to the sport , out to get amongst some fish. The first few hours were tough with not a lot of bites and no fish on the sounder, however persistence payed off. Hours passed as they moved spot to spot, continuous berleying and finally Jesse came tight on what  felt like a good fish by the solid head shakes and the screaming, heart wrenching runs. Minutes went by while Jesse fought the fish and Tom waited anxiously. Finally, after what seemed like forever up popped a horse of a pinkie(93cm). You can’t ask much more for your first metro pinkie, congratulations Jesse!

Jesse with his abolutely cracking pink!

We are in for a substantial blow according to the weekend weather forecast which will give keen anglers a chance to fish the rock walls. With predictions putting the swell up above 3 metres and the wind blowing around the 25-knot mark, it’s sure to create some disturbance beneath and draw the fish in closer. Perfect to target scavenging snapper, but be careful when doing so. The Freo Moles are also still producing plenty of skippy and herring are abundant if you need fresh bait.

There have been modest reports of tailor schools around Cottesloe, worth a try in the coming weeks. Once this weekend weather has passed the new gutters and holes along the coastline, brought about by the swell, should be the first place you fish. They harbour bait, which draws the predators in.  Reports of 70cm fish from Yanchep have also come from Mindarie customers who were using stickbaits and poppers.

Austin (The Mindarie work experience kid) with a cracking salmon and tailor on 4lb

If you are going to be targeting squid next week, it may prove tricky, but the right jig choice could mean you come up trumps in the dirty water. Staff members Dan and Laith fished some murky water this past week and got plenty of big squid on purple taped, red taped and jigs with dark contrasts in their patterns. (It also payed to re-drift any areas that produced a squid as it was a fair distance between productive patches). Theoretically these dark colours create a silhouette in dirty water and make the jig stand out. Sinking a jig right onto the bottom amongst the weed bed also resulted in three cuttlefish in three casts.

There are scores of dhuies in the shallows of mixed sizes. Most notably has to be the recent capture on Shikari Charters of a fish exceeding a meter and over 22kg. Skipper Al truly runs an exceptional charter right on our doorstep. Throw in a mix of breaksea cod, King George, the odd baldie and of course snapper and there is some serious fun to be had on our demersals not too far out. There have been also good reports of bluefin tuna this week with fish to 6kg landed on metals and stickbaits from behind Rotto down past Garden Island.  A bluefin of this size on light gear is undeniably exciting.

Customer James with a dhu he caught recently