Fishing Report 25th of January 2018

Bluewater Tackle World
Thursday 25th of January 2018
Most demersals have remained safe out there, but in the breaks in the weather the fishing has been hot and plenty of fish have been coming over the side. Massive breaksea cod and baldies have been caught off Mindarie and Two Rocks recently and have made up the bag along with mid-sized pinkies and good dhuies.

There are more and more reports of macs coming through all the time and anywhere there has been a solid temp change in the water they have been caught. Jurien Bay is one such spot that is already holding plenty of fish. A couple of good customers have also reported seeing some free jumpers while walking up West Coast High Way and are dying to go out after them. As is often the case weed could be a problem when you are trolling so it’s crazy not to have a backup plan. Trolling gardies that are rigged correctly can make them virtually weedless and can be the difference in coming home with a with a Spaniard or not.

Savio and Adam with 2 out of the 8 macs the boat landed in Jurien in an insane session

Whiting in the Mandurah estuaries abound yet remain fussy and if they are not responding to small poppers and stickbaits try soft plastics worm imitations to get their interest.

Large mulloway are being caught regularly late at night but also odd ones early between Golden Bay and San Remo. Some very good fish have also been landed in the river this week. Bull sharks have also been present right through the river and mulloway anglers are regularly reporting bite offs. Also a Myaree customer reports being busted off on consecutive nights by large powerful fish in East Fremantle. The beaches are holding plenty of small sharks right up and down the coast and beaches such as City Beach and Floreat are producing plenty of tailor. Fishing after dark from rock walls such as North/South mole, Woodmans Point and Woodmans Marina are all producing mixed bags of tailor, herring, pike etc. Some big schools of scalies are hanging around Woodmans Ammo Jetty and anglers are awaiting the possible arrival of some northern pelagic species, with bait and water temperature increasing, to compliment the ever-present shark population.

Staff member Hon Su went scooping in Mandurah a couple of times in the last week and managed a feed both times. While staff member James spent two consecutive days on the Swan in deeper water and got plenty both days while using mullet as bait. The local marinas have also been holding some good-sized crabs as well, so if you are going for a flick by yourself or with the family it is definitely worth taking a few crab nets.

Staff member Laith also got a tasty feed of Mandurah crabs.

Divers are getting plenty of crays still and so are those who have their pots around the 30m mark. Make sure if you are doing this that there is plenty of weight in the pots and use a longer lasting bait such as tuna heads, as its unlikely that you will be pulling the pots every day with the current forecast.

Lex landed this massive sambo in a hectic session on Saltwater Charters.

Staff member Pete has been over in Tassie and getting stuck into some massive bream, his biggest going 44.5cm.

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