Fishing Report 24th February 2017

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Fishing Report Friday 24th February 2017


Angling across the state has been dominated by the flow-on effects of last week’s heavy rains. For metro anglers, this means coming to terms with the vast quantity of tannin-stained, fresh water that is currently being spewed from the mouth of Fremantle Harbour as far out as Rottnest Island. Those that have adapted their fishing to the conditions have been rather successful.


As recently as last week, Spanish mackerel were feeding in and around the Port, so where have they gone? Anglers finding pockets of clean water have found large bait aggregations and are still catching mackies in good numbers. It can be frustrating trolling lures through dirty water, having to stop every 5 minutes to pull weed and other debris off your trebles, so have you considered trolling baits? By rigging the baits weed-free, you can pull them anywhere with impunity and what’s more, mackerel love a slow-trolled gardie or mullet. Be sure to ask the staff at your local Bluewater Tackle store for a rigging demo. Schools of shark mackerel are on busting up bait schools out from Fremantle to Mewstones. They aren’t the best fish to eat but provide a good tussle on light gear and don’t be surprised if you pick out a Spanish mac out of the school.  The west end of Rotto is also worth a crack which is also holding good numbers of yellowtail kingfish.


In the river itself, bream are going off on both surface and subsurface lures. This shouldn’t come as any great surprise really, as bream are an extremely adaptable species capable of thriving in a wide-range of salinity levels. Myaree staff members have been hitting up the Canning River with great success. Peter Berlinski has greeted the early mornings with his Zipbait Skinny Pops and Laith Rickman has been using soft plastic grubs in the evening. Both have been scoring quality fish.


Those anglers who are just looking for a nice feed and plenty of action, will be pleased to hear the herring are around in prolific numbers. Use plenty of burley to whisk these little terrors into a frenzy and they will chomp at almost anything. If you’re tired of using bait, why not try a pre-tied straw rig or a 10g Twisty with assist hooks. Both these techniques work great on herring and add another dimension to your fishing. Current hotspots include South Beach and Kwinana Beach. Both these locations are ideally suited to young kids. If you are after something bigger however tailor up to 50cm are being caught from the beaches near Yanchep. Stickbaits around the 120mm length have been working well just after sunrise. It is best to cast as you walk along the beach to cover more ground and increase your chance of finding fish when using lures. Bigger tailor are being caught from the Cottesloe Groyne after dark using a mulie suspended beneath a float and further north around Mindarie anglers have been catching mulloway up to 12kg. With the coming moon phase it will be an ideal weekend to get out and chase these often elusive trophies.


Demersal fishing has remained productive, as it has been over recent weeks. Snapper have been prolific in and around the Cockburn Sound and the back of Three Mile Reef is also producing a few decent size fish. Pre-dawn is the best time to send down a larger bait for these fish and once the sun has been up a little while and the bite has died off, reduce the size of your gear and target the skippy which have been caught in good numbers. 3” plastics work a treat for skippy but burley is still needed to keep them around the boat. Good numbers of dhufish, snapper and baldies are being caught along the coastline anywhere from 15m and deeper. Bluewater Mindarie customer Derek got stuck into a fantastic ‘dhu’ using squid and sergeant baker on bait on board Annagerl.

Derek’s big dhu

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