Fishing Report 23rd June 2017

Fishing Report
Things are lining up this coming Sunday as the new moon will make it the ultimate time to soak a big bait for land based fishos chasing pinkies and/or mulloway after this blow. If you can get a day off next week the snapper will be going nuts on the inshore reefs.With the onset of the first winter rains now is a good time to fish the river. Try the lower reaches around the bridges. A Myaree customer fishing the lower end of the Swan River has been getting into good numbers of salmon trout and has spotted a few larger fish ones but they are smart resident loners. For those keen on chasing big bream or who are keen to put a big bait for mulloway, Guildford is the area to be. Big bait schools likely to be bony herring have been reported to be moving from Bassendean up to Fish Market Reserve making it a prime area to get stuck into the bigger fish. Along with the food source there are lots of snags and some deep holes around those areas which make it perfect to target bream and mulloway.

Evan with a great bream caught on a strip of bony herring

Demersal fishing is firing at the moment and staff member Trent got out last Friday to scout some ground off Mindarie. A successful mission resulting in a mixed bag of King George, breaksea cod and a baldchin. For those chasing dhufish there is an abundance of small fish about in close, some going size. For pinks, Hillarys and Five Fathom Bank are fishing particularly well but reports are coming in of good catches as far up as Two Rocks. Berley made up of pellets, fish oil and shredded mulies will not only get the pinkies on the bite but will excite and bring the skippy and herring to you. In turn this brings big sambos and yellowtail kings into the equation making for some super exciting inshore reef fishing.

Espo’s Baldie and Trent’s Breaksea from a good day out

For those who brave the weather, the present weather front should also see snapper coming from North Mole, Mindarie, Hillarys, Two Rocks & the beaches in between. Big baits & big sinkers! The pinkies will be in close scavenging in the runoff from the moles and rock groynes on crabs, small fish and anything else worth eating. Big skippy have also been landed to 50cm+ at night around the moles at Freo.

A large school of salmon made an appearance at Kwinana beach during the week and our herring run continues. Herring are around in great numbers again with plenty being caught from the shore and marina rock walls. Berley up and use either a float with green lumo tube as a lure or ox heart as bait. Anglers are easily getting their twelve-fish bag limit.  Early morning high tides have been producing some nice winter tailor. Try stick baits and paddletail soft plastics for some seriously fun fishing.

The extended stretch of calm weather has seen plenty of ‘squiddy’ opportunities locally. Big squid are in huge numbers around Pamelia Bank and are a worthwhile target in the sheltered waters for those fishing from smaller boats. Hayabusa Rambu jigs are a great choice as they are proving irresistible to the bigger squid at the moment. Orange and pink based colours are doing most of the damage. It is a must to take some squid jigs with you when fishing the inshore reefs, as there are reports of big squid in the 10 -15m mark coming from those fishing for pinkies. Fresh squid can make great bait or some excellent squid rings!

Morley customer Han is just back from an amazing fishing trip to Exmouth. Han and his friends were looking to cross off as many different species as possible from their bucket list during the trip and managed to land a staggering 43 species of fish!

A beautifully marked red emp caught by Han

Camera Tips from Rohan

For the angler holding the fish…
1/ When landing a fish keep it in the water, in a landing net if need be until your mate has the camera ready. Same when shore fishing where possible, never drop the fish in the sand or despatch it (if it is to be kept) before taking a pic, always take pics fresh out of the water.
2/ Hold the fish flat to the camera, so the whole side of the fish can be seen for the best effect. This often means angling the belly up slightly but not too much. Angle the head of the fish slightly towards the camera but not too much unless you do want an “all head” effect. Also, try to minimise the amount of fingers or hand obscuring the fish.
3/ Take off your hat before taking the pic or you will get bad shadows. Sunglasses off can be good too unless you particularly want them in the pic.For the Cameraman…

1/ Always take notice of the horizon if there is one in the pic, it should be level, not angled.
2/ Focus your camera on the fish (it’s eye is the best part to focus), not on the angler.
3/ Generally best place for the sun is behind the cameraman, unless you are looking for a different effect. If you are good with a camera light coming in from behind a fish with fins erect can be very effective.
4/ If your mate is prone to bland facial expressions in pics try to say something funny just before hitting the button.

Worst mistakes commonly made…

1/ Standing too far from the subject… the subject should fill the frame but the angler’s legs are not an ingredient of a good fishing pic.
2/ Blood and guts or sandy fish pics. Pics of fish that are covered in blood, guts or have their throats cut are very unattractive, always photograph clean shiny fish that are alive, even if you are going to keep the fish rather than release.
3/ Taking pics of fish at home on the driveway or in front of the garden shed. Always take pics on location when possible.
4/ Probably the worst of the worst – rod in mouth pics – never use your mouth as a rod holder in fish pics, it really is the worst.