Fishing Report 21st April 2017

   Fishing Report

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Fishing Report Friday 21st April 2017
We really are blessed with a myriad of fishing options when it comes to our local waters. There is no escaping the fact that salmon are the talk of the town and if you wanted to add another dimension to an already ripper day of fishing then it’s just too easy. This week, as we come into the new moon, the fishing is going to heat up.
Staff member James’  much better half Brooke with her first ever fish!
The schools of salmon are now popping up everywhere. It’s no secret that the local hotspots, especially off Freo, are holding big schools of fish. But apart from the likes of Mewstones and Row Boat Reef, acres of salmon have been found harassing bait smack bang in the middle of The Cockburn Sound. This week staff member Nick reported getting into salmon just off City Beach and whilst on one school, two or three other schools where in sight at any given time. Similar situations have been reported from the back of the Three Mile off Mindarie.
Kelvin with a salmon on the fly!

What’s really cool is that with fish that are in slightly deeper water (10m+), bluefin tuna are often also feeding with the school and suddenly you find your lure screaming off at a rate which cannot be matched with by any salmon. Sashimi time! Not to mention there is a chance of a shark mac or striped tuna will be in there as well.

Those who have been having a flick into the dark at South Mole have reported reasonable sized tailor after sunset. Use a small chemical light attached to you rig for better results. The North Mole is also fishing well at night for mulloway and small sharks, which is all happening once the salmon action and prospects of, cool down for the day. Further north Floreat Drain is good for a few tailor and the odd salmon is passing through. Mulies have been the go from this stretch but if chucking poppers or Richter Plugs is your preference, then it’s worth heading to The Blue Hole at Trigg for some daytime salmon action.

Staff member Alex caught this fish on a popper rigged with a double assist

The numbers of snapper around and the sheer size of some of these fish is just awesome (up to 1m). Firstly considering the lack of bad weather (winter type storms with huge swell and wind that brings a chill to the bone) the land based snapper reports have been unreal. Beaches such as Preston and all major rock walls have produced exceptional amounts of fish. If you are heading out next week why not hit up some broken ground just before first light and try get into what could be a serious pink freight train. The snapper are on a hot morning bite at the moment with keen anglers getting into them before the sunrise from Mandurah to Two Rocks, with anchoring and berleying tending to do the trick. Try using shredded mulies as berley and float an unweighted mulies or blue mac fillet down the trail, as well throwing plastics around to get them really fired up. The inshore reefs are also holding good size skippy, plenty of sambos and some ripper yellowtail kings. Then once the action has died off for the morning go and try and lodge a lure into the mouth a hungry salmon.

Fishing Photo Tip: Always fix your hair before the photo

Sand whiting are around in good numbers from the City Beach area in around 10m of water. Drifting until you find a school and then putting in the pick working the trick for a full whiting session. This is how staff member Nick got a feed at the end of his salmon saga.

Bream have been on the chew in the Swan River. Hard body lures and soft plastics working the best as the fish are hungry. And who knows when a salmon is going to swim through and take your 45mm hardbody and six pound leader for a lap of the river.

What gets a lot of us excited though, is after a solid arm burning ‘sesh’ on the salmon, taking it easy, drifting over some weed beds with your favourite squid jig and putting some calamari on the menu for the end of your ‘hard’ day out.