Fishing Report 1st September 2017

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Fishing Report Friday 1st of September 2017
There have been glimpses of the spring sun and the odd day of good weather lately. The warmer blue skied days have been encouraging a lot more anglers to get out and about. The coming week is offering up a mixed bag weather wise, which will hopefully provide a few good days to get offshore.Demersal fishing fired up in a big way. This week saw anglers get amongst the bottom dwellers with better boating weather. The inshore reefs around Scarborough and Hillarys are producing huge snapper with the odd dhufish and yellowtail king thrown into the mix. Anchoring up with a berley trail and using snelled mulies or Zman Scented Jerk Shadz has been a winning recipe. Two Rocks fished very well for dhuies in depths ranging from 10m to 45m. Reports from Tuesday say that many big models were jigged up using slow pitch metal jigs and big plastics.

Tuyets dhu 9kilo 82cm Mindarie 10m of water
Laith and Dhu taking a selfie

Good customer Brody managed to get out from Two Rocks this past week and immediately after anchoring it was ‘on’. An hour later 7 snapper to 90cm had been caught and 5 released. The bag was capped with a 10 and 11kg dhu after that.

Samson fish have been a popular target this week with a few days of calmer weather allowing the boaties to get offshore. Hi speed jigging in the deeper water is intense and really gives your arms a workout when the big girls come out to play. If you are keen to try something different on the less desirable fishing days though, popping for sambos in the marinas is not as crazy as it sounds. You will need big gear with plenty of stopping power if you decide to take on this challenge as the resident sambos will work you over quickly in the shallow water with lots of structure to wrap you around and help their cause.

Morley staff member Kelvin and friend took advantage of the conditions on Monday and headed out for a day of deep dropping on electric reel setups. It was reasonably quiet but they still managed to bring up some good fish, boating a greyband cod, pink snapper and some pesky green eye sharks.

Away from the constant spewing of tannin water from the mouth of the Swan River the squid fishing has been sensational. The boaties are bagging out with ease and the landbased crew are enjoying a good run of the southern calamari with the odd arrow thrown in.

Tailor are being caught in good numbers on the beaches from Cottesloe to Floreat. It is taking a bit of persistence and patience as there is plenty of weed in places but on the right days in the right areas you will find clean water and they are there to be caught. Plenty of 30 – 40cm models are being reported with the odd fish up to 50cm. There were also reports of juvenile salmon on the same stretches last weekend.

Big bronze whaler sharks have been seen cruising the shallows around Whitfords dog beach this week. As the weather warms up coming in to spring numbers will pick up and we will start to see plenty of tigers about. For those keen on this type of fishing now is the perfect time to get your reels serviced ready for some big runs and start making up rigs in preparation for the coming months. All Bluewater stores can help you with rigging techniques.

Mulloway have been hit and miss this week but the hits have been huge! There were a couple of big mulloway caught to the South after the beaches settled down from the blow. Long deep gutters that formed during the storm, hold lots of bait making them perfect to target these fish. Weed can still be a problem though, so success will come to those who are patient and willing to work their way through it. Small soapies have been prevalent in the upper reaches of the Swan River this week, most are bycatch and are being caught on Motor Oil Zman Grubz by anglers chasing bream.

Bream have been slow in the upper reaches of the Swan by all reports so fishing downstream from Claremont or into the Canning is the way to go. With it being slow going bait will see the most success but those fishing from a boat or kayak could also use the Gulp Sandworm plastics. These can be fished off the bottom with little movement and the will still attract fish. The Gulp juice is very strong and the big fish love it.

Today marks the start of the Freshwater Season. The trout and redfin scene can be great fun provided you are using the right gear and put in a little time. Travelling down south to the Blackwood River or southern dams will see the most success but for those with a sense of adventure and a little ingenuity you won’t have to travel far at all. Local redfin haunts are generally a secretive matter, but they are closer than you think and not that hard to catch. Baits, vibes, small divers, small stick baits, plastics and even micro jigs will tempt a strike from redfin. They are great to eat and does not allow the introduced species to be returned to the water. Finding the right locations will take some research but that’s half the fun. Morley customer Hamish (Hamburger) is no stranger to finding the local redfin. Check out his Redfin Vlog and other adventures on YouTube WA Kayak Angler.

Hamish and a good redfin
Morley customer Mellon spent the last week and a half visiting his family and fishing some isolated waters in the N.T. for Barramundi. Local knowledge and access to these creeks made it a fantastic trip with many solid Barra landed from both boat and shore. 120 Classic Barra lures in Guns N Roses colour were doing lots of damage but there were some fish which Mellon called as unstoppable taking baits.

Customer Mellon and barra
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