Fishing Report 18th August 2017

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Fishing Report Friday 18th of August 2017
The boys on the stones have struck gold again after a long week of ferocious winds, brutal rainfall and hail. Some people say these keen anglers are crazy yet they continue to produce excellent results from shore. Morley customer’s Bono & Petar over the past few years have shown that if you put in the hours, you will come up trumps. This winter has been no different for them and  this past week has been one of their most successful yet. Numerous amounts of bust offs from some big snapper but they have managed to tame a few in the trying conditions of North Mole in winter. The boys got into a couple of nice sized snapper from an early morning mission on Wedneday. keep up the good work boys!
Customer Bono and Petar with a couple of good fish

Finally, fingers crossed, we may be in for some good boating weather next week and for those who can get out the options are plentiful.

It goes without saying that the pinkies are out in force and will be hungry. If you haven’t had much success before on the pinkies change it up. There are plenty of ways to skin the proverbial cat, however many of the staff agree on a few of the approaches below. Firstly, when anchored make sure you are running drift baits. A standard paternoster rig often doesn’t cut it and neither does any at all sinker on your rig. The majority of our staff run a 2 or 3 snelled hook rig with no sinker, your bait does not have to be on the bottom. When it comes to baits, unless its freshly caught squid, big oily fish baits are a got to. Mulies and scalies can be good, but a big bait such as half a blue mack or a whole sanmar is deadly. Lastly berley, a small amount often creates a consistent trail that fish will keep coming back up in over and over and make sure you take plenty out with you. You do not want to run out when you are out there.

Solid skippy are being caught in the reefy sheltered areas just off Hillarys. Small Zman plastics are dynamite on these feisty fighters. Berley in the water will get them biting and make for several hours of exciting fishing. The commotion from the skippy will often also bring some big sambos and kingies into the picture which will really add to the days fishing with some arm stretching runs.

For many, chasing the truly fantastic bottom fish we have off our coastline will be on the cards and no doubt there will be great catch reports coming in over the next week. Lately there has been some good dhuies caught right in shallow from the 5m mark out to the 40s.

Customer Daniel sent in a brief report and the following would make anyone jealous.

“Had our annual fishing trip last weekend and got my pb dhuie at Turtle Dove Shoal on the first drop. We had a convoy of 5 boats 20 blokes and the weather was mint. The end result was a mixed bag of dhuies, baldies, pinkys, coral trout, red throat and tuna and few other bits and pieces. A great trip was had by all.”

Customer Dan and his PB dhu from Turtle Dove Shoal

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