Fishing Report 16th of February 2018

Fishing Report

Bluewater Tackle World
Friday 16th of February 2018

Could we finally be in for some decent weather? It would certainly make for an awesome weekend with all the action coming up. We have the PGFC Bluewater Tackle World Marlin Cup happening and with the hot pelagic bite we’re having, it’s likely to make for some very exciting captures. The Blue Water Open Fishing Classic is also on and customers have been coming in and getting their bait and tackle sorted all week. This Saturday will also be the last day of the abalone season between 7am and 8am so remember to be safe out their, even in benign conditions.

Spaniards continue to be thick around the metro area, with only the weather holding us back. A medium sized-fish was landed off the beach at Seabird while a customer was spinning for tailor. Dylan Picken also landed one on a stickbait, a shark mackerel and a yellowtail king all in a morning off the metro coastline. Quite a few shark mackerel have been hammering the same bait schools as the yellowtail kings around the inshore reefs providing a great stickbaiting opportunity.

Dylan and his stickbaited mack

Good customer Seb landed a big sand snapper on board saltwater charters this week while jigging. Another warm water species to add to the tally this week including reports of a metro coral trout. This week has been a great week for dhufish with plenty being landed offshore. The 30-40m mark is where the action has been and they have been responding to well to jigs.

Morley customer Adam and a dhu from this week

Seb onboard Saltwater Charters with a big sand snapper

The Canning River is full of life at the moment with copious schools of grunter, trumpeter and bream marauding the flats. Fishing the high tide in the afternoons with strips of bony herring has provided none stop action for young fisherman Evan Berlinski. Myaree Bluewater staff member Laith has been ending his workdays relaxing around Mt Henry Bridge casting both hardbody and soft plastic pinning a stack of bream.

Evan and one of his many bream

In contrast the middle reaches of the Swan river have been quieter on the bream front. Many a bream angler are blaming the silted depths and large amount of washed down vegetation on the choking bottle neck of the construction of the Optus stadium foot bridge. Further down river the flathead are basking in the afternoon sun that we’ve had of late and chopper tailor nudging around legal size are chasing baitfish in the shallows at sunrise. With the warm weather this weekend chaising giant herring in the river could provide some bucklist action. Try twistys and small surface lures for best results.
The Swan has been hard work for crabs but there are some monsters scurrying around. Northern marinas are also producing a good hauls for those dropping nets from jettys and piers.

Fishing tips from Billy
A Question we are often asked at Bluewater is “What size/style hook should I be using for …….”.
Rather than choosing a hook to suit your target species, choose a hook to suit the intended bait for your target species. A couple of key points will address is:
1. Bait presentation. The more natural your bait looks in the water, the more bites it will atract and will more likely be the undoing of larger more weary fish.
2. The hook-up rate. No one likes pulling hooks, so matching your hook size to suit your bait will give you the correct hook exposure and therefore a far higher hook up rate.
So before you buy your next pack of hooks think about how something as simple as having a wider selection of hooks on hand can dramatically increase not only the number of fish but the quality as well.

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