Fishing Report 15/6/18

Fishing Report

Bluewater Tackle World
Friday 15/06/18

Needless to say the inshore snapper are still firing and now is the time for the early morning winter sessions. Anglers have been braving the col, and for good reason. Most have been well rewarded, coming back with their bag in only a short amount of time. Along side snapper and later into the day, small metro dhus have been a very common, and at that a very welcome bycatch. Staff member Luke was out on Thursday and was actually targetting samson fish on live baits when an unexpected dhu jumped on! No complaints there!

In the same inshore grounds, skippy have also been running a muck. A strong berley trail is definitely not a bad place to start, and with a skippy school causing havoc, the sambos won’t be too far behind. If the samsons are deciding to be fussy on the day, try using a live skippy or herring! It’s not often they can resist a lollipop livey.

(Above: Meagan Baronas with a little school sambo)

Now believe it or not but there is still the odd salmon school curising around! There have been a few juvenile schools reported in the sound as of late, however an Ocean Reef local claims he saw a school of larger fishing pushing north of the marina! This year has been a difficult one for most trying to target salmon, and a lot of it unfortunately has just come down to being in the right place at the right time!
Out wide Reel Force Charters have been taking advantage of this weeks weather and as always, have been putting fish on the deck. These guys are rediculously consistent with their catches and proves much more than just luck!

Our river systems have been producing good results as of late, with plenty of action to be had. Staff member Troy was out and about on the Moore on Thursday, stating that there were loads of small fish terrorising everything he threw at them with the occasional decent fish in between! Troy headed to one of his favourite spots, shot a cast into a snag and the next second his lure was hit by a train. After a lot of good fortune, Troy managed to pull a plump bream out into the clear water. After a few quick pictures, she was returned to her snag.

Off the beach, there has been plenty of tailor action. Early mornings seem to be the time to do it with plenty of fish around the 45cm mark hitting the sand on the northern beaches. Troy was also out on his local beach this morning and got stuck into some solid tailor on the Jackson Kaiken – Sessions producing upwards of 5 fish are common around this time of year, and with some heavyweight greenbacks thrown in the mix what’s not to love about the fierce toothy predators.

With all the rain we had last week, a lot of fish have been pushed downstream in search of the salt. This means we are seeing a lot of mulloway towards the mouth of the river, so E shed and the downstream stretches are well worth a shot if you’re hunting for a river mully. From the rockwalls and marinas, expect skippy and herring to be around, and again, a strong burley trail is a great place to start.

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