Fishing Report 13th April 2017

Do you remember going fishing as a kid? Kids love fishing and nothing beats seeing the look on their faces when they reel in a fish, no matter the size or the species. Fishing is a great way of getting the kids out of the house and connect with the outdoors. So, whether you’re heading away or staying local for Easter, why not take advantage of the mild Autumn weather and build some memories that will last a lifetime?

If you haven’t already, check out our Easter Escape Catalogue (click here). It’s full of great deals and if you’re not sure where to start, come in to one of our stores and let our expert staff talk you through everything you need to know. We’ll even rig it up for you and show you where the fish are biting, as part of the service.

The past week can be summed up in one word… SALMON. Love them or hate them, they’re here and it looks like being another epic season. Schools are already entering Fremantle Harbour, which means last years scenes of salmon terrorising baitfish as far upstream as Mt Henry Bridge are likely to be repeated in the coming weeks. What an opportunity this represents. Whether you’re a spinner or a fluff-chucker, the prospect of catching a salmon on your ultra-light gear, at your regular bream spot, must get the heart pumping.

Staff Member Geoff with salmon on fly!

If you want to target salmon specifically, high tide at the North Mole has proven to be a reliable location in the past few days. If you’re lucky enough to have a boat, head to the offshore reefs from Fremantle; Mewstone, Stragglers and Seal Rock have been holding fish for a while now and their numbers keep growing as the bigger schools make it to Perth waters.

Salmon lures needn’t cost you the earth, we’ve got Samaki Flash sinking stickbaits in 35g and 55g for $8ea at the moment and not to mention 30% off all Arma Metals! If you’re struggling to make the distance to those just out of reach schools, metals are a great option for lures that cast like a bullet but still maintain the small profile that the fish are likely to be feeding on.

Fishing tip: using single hooks makes for a solid hookup, easy dehooking, whilst also making it safer for the angler, and fish if you are going to release it. Above: staff member Geoff dehooks a salmon before release.

Strada Tera’s rigged with singles are dynamite on salmon

For those more interested in putting fish on the table this Easter holiday, there are plenty of options, with herring being plentiful along the beaches and demersals fishing great in a large array of depths. Great catches are coming just 5 minutes from some boat ramps, however for those willing to put the distance in to reach the 40’s have been well rewarded. Fishing for snapper in and around the Cockburn Sound has continued to be a popular and productive place to fish the week. With depths between 5-15m usually holding a good abundance of fish, you just need to find them on your sounder. Soft Plastics in the 5-7 inch are an ideal lure choicer with the Madeye Paddle Prawns being the go to lure of many successful anglers.

Staff member Kelvin with a solid ‘pinky’

For those who have been able to get out far enough for a deep drop, they have been reporting great catches of the likes of bass grouper and blue eye trevalla.

Squidding has started to really turn on lately and it presents a great opportunity for some Easter fun whether you are by yourself, with mates or the whole family. Drifting anywhere around weed beds from two to ten metres of water has been productive. If you are fishing the dirtier water around Fremantle Harbour red and purple jigs have been doing very well, whilst in the clearer water jigs with UV on them have been the standouts.

If you want to venture in and around our estuarine systems this long weekend, the bream have been caught around Nedlands on soft plastics by anglers fishing the areas near boat moorings and piers, as well as along the flats in the Canning. The crabbing has been relatively good the past couple of weeks as the water has started to clear up somewhat. Deeper areas around Black Wall Reach have produced reasonable catches of the tasty morsels lately.

Lastly on behalf of the Bluewater Crew we wish you all a happy and safe Easter. Tight Lines!

Haters will say its photoshop.