Fishing Report 10th of November 2017

Fishing Report

Bluewater Tackle World
Friday 10th of November 2017
Squidding has been a great activity over the last couple of weeks with the great warm weather we have been experiencing. If you are looking for something to do with the family or just as a solo mission, squidding always offers a great day out on the water. Staff member Honsu got out with Eisuke from Yamashita Japan on Fremantle Sailing Club’s club boat. There were 9 other participants who were all taught new techniques and in-depth information on the Yamashita 490 jigs that we have in stock. In the 4 hours they picked up 25 squid. Eisuke showed the guys squid sashimi and how different cuts produce different texture and flavours. The weather wasn’t too favourable for squidding but there were multiple large (35cm plus tubes) squid caught. Overall it was an enjoyable and informative day out.

Honsu and some of the squid he landed.Over the last week, there have been some seriously good squid caught from the Busselton Jetty. If you are heading down for a weekend away, definitely pack your EGI rod and jigs! If you haven’t got the gear come in and our experienced staff can sort you out into finding the perfect combo tailored to you.

North of Two Rocks has been fishing well for mulloway, with fish in the 10-12kg bracket being taken consistently. Frozen baits will take fish, but the extra time and effort to source fresh bait on location has yielded consistent results. Bait presentation is something else that is too often overlooked. Thinking about whether it looks good on the hooks and also how it will present in the water when it will be battling the current and waves can lead to success.

Mindarie customer Tony cast in a mulie midmorning during the week and landed a massive sambo on a beach between Quinns and Mindarie. This is one of three big sambos that have been reported in our Mindarie store this past week, all caught off plain sandy beaches in daylight hours in the Mindarie area. It is also a great time of year to look for these ‘buses’ cruising around in your local marina.
Tony and landbased sambo

Bluewater Mindarie’s newest staff member Troy has been getting into skippy in the Mindarie Marina all on soft plastics and have provided plenty of entertainment.

The river has been fishing extremely well for chopper tailor and while they are small in size they are making up for it in numbers with Bluewater customer Danno cracking over 100 fish in a session on top water. There is plenty of life throughout the lower reaches of the Swan, with flathead, bream, flounder, giant herring and mulloway all being viable targets.

With all the excitement surrounding Whiting Popping Season, our expert staff are getting heaps of great questions, so here’s a few FAQs that might help get you on your way:

Q) Where should I go to target YFW?
A) YFW can be found anywhere from Augusta to Onslow. The secret to finding good YFW fishing is shallow water, broken weed and hot temperatures. The most popular spot now, is the Mandurah Estuary. South Yunderup and Coodanup are easy to fish and produce great results. Other places to consider are Penguin Island, Cockburn Sound and the lower reaches of the Swan River.
Q) What gear do I need?
A) In short, you’ll need ultra-light gear. Rods labelled 1-3kg and reels size 2500 or smaller spooled up with braided line from 4lb to 10lb. In terms of lures, some of the favourites include Jackson Ebi Panics, Zipbait Skinny Pops and Strada Virals. Our staff love this style of fishing so they’re well qualified to hook you up with great gear that matches your level of usage and budget.
Q) I’ve always fished for whiting on the bottom, why do they take a surface lure?
A) The main theory is they attack surface lures because they confuse them for prawns and shrimp that travel high in the water column, but like most things in fishing, no one knows for certain.
Q) Can I use Fly gear to catch whiting?
A) You sure can. It’s a relatively new style of fly fishing, but it’s already proving very successful. Anglers are using 3-5wt outfits to cast flies such as worms, gurglers and shrimp patterns. Floating lines tend to work best in the shallowly weedy areas.
Note: The current bag limit for Yellowfin Whiting is 30 and there is no minimum size requirement. Whilst you are completely entitled to operate within these rules, please consider returning smaller fish (under 25cm) and only taking enough fish for your immediate needs, that way they’ll be there for us all to enjoy long into the future.

If you have any information or photos that you would like to include in our weekly fishing report, please email