Fishing Report 1/6/18

Fishing Report

Bluewater Tackle World
Friday 01/06/18

Needless to say the snapper have been off chops for the last week! This storm has done nothing but good for the snapper fisherman, but only if you are willing to brave the weather! Landbased bag outs have been a common occurrence for anglers this week, showing that you don’t need a boat to put fillets in your freezer! (if that’s your thing). Anthony Axcell along with a mate proved exactly this, bagging out from shore over 3 consecutive days – Goes to show the amount of pinks in close and accessible to the average angler.



Offshore, snapper have also been prolific and a few horses have been coming in. During the week staff member Jeremey got out in the metro area and mentioned that it was a slow bite, however persistence was well rewarded with a 98cm trophy. Fish up to this size have been common lately, and now would be the time if you want to try and crack the metery.



It has been hard for anglers to get out wide this week with the weather, although Steve Ashby showed us a nice blue eye trevalla he caught recently aboard Reel Force – Again these guys just can’t miss.

Bream scene has been a tough one lately too – This weather has been producing a lot of fish but anglers just aren’t keen to get out. Hamish McNabb was out for a comp prefish earlier in the week amidst the not so favourable 20-30km/h winds and rain but was very delighted to find fish on the chew.

(Above: One of Hamish’ fish from his wet weather prefish)

If you haven’t heard yet, the cray season is now year round! Yes that is right… Western Australians can now enjoy fishing for rock lobster all year round, bringing the recreational fishery in line with commercial operations.

The year-round extension of recreational rock lobster fishing south of North West Cape, near Exmouth, has been made possible with the successful fisheries management of this highly valued fishery.

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